Web Forms vs. ASP.NET MVC

I am sure you landed to this post with  curious thoughts  about the differences and similarities between the web form architecture and mvc  architecture.What are the advantages of one over another ?Which  pattern should I use in my upcoming project?

By the end of this article, you should find yourself in a better situation,if not best,to  make a informed decision about which one to chose over another .

Below are the abstract of the quick reading/research which I did on my part to answer my curious brain .

Advantages of an MVC-Based Web Application

The ASP.NET MVC framework offers the following advantages:

  • Dividing the  application into the model, the view, and the controller makes it easier to manage.

  • It does not use view state or server-based forms. This makes the MVC framework ideal for developers who want full control over the behaviour of an application.

  • It uses a Front Controller pattern that processes Web application requests through a single controller. This enables you to design an application that supports a rich routing infrastructure.

  • It provides better support for test-driven development (TDD).

  • It works well for Web applications that are supported by large teams of developers and for Web designers who need a high degree of control over the application behaviour.

Advantages of a Web Forms-Based Web Application

The Web Forms-based framework offers the following advantages:

  • It supports an event model that preserves state over HTTP, which benefits line-of-business Web application development. The Web Forms-based application provides dozens of events that are supported in hundreds of server controls.

  • It uses a Page Controller pattern that adds functionality to individual pages.

  • It uses view state on server-based forms, which can make managing state information easier.

  • It works well for small teams of Web developers and designers who want to take advantage of the large number of components available for rapid application development.

  • In general, it is less complex for application development, because the components (the Page class, controls, and so on) are tightly integrated and usually require less code than the MVC model.


Choosing MVC over Web Form is a decision that might differ on case by case basis . So it is entirely up to the architects to decide which model suits their scenario .

If this has triggered some thoughts for you , please find below some more recipe for your brain .




Happy Coding Smile

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