Integrating Python interpreter with Visual Studio 2010

I have just signed  up for udacity .If you have not heard of it before , I strongly encourage you to go check their website .Its a brilliant concept from Sebastian Thrun.Since, most of their  lab work is in Python ,I decided to learn Python .As I am more used to using .Net and Visual Studio ,I decided to leverage the fantastic feature in Visual Studio 2010 to support multi language development.

It was as simple as couple downloads and installing  Visual Studio extensions and I was all set to write my first hello world program in Python


Step 1: Download Python Tools for Visual Studio(PTVS) from code plex and install the latest and most up to date version .

Step 2: Download Iron Python  and install  it .

Step 3: Update the settings for Python tools interpreter in Visual Studio by going to Tools >>Options >>Python Tools >>Interpreter Options



That should be all you need to start running python within Visual Studio .

Next time you select new project in VS from File>>New>> menu option in VS you will see something like this



For more information on python resources,please use the links below


As always your  constructive comments and criticisms  is much appreciated. 


Happy coding Smile

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