Web Forms vs. ASP.NET MVC

I am sure you landed to this post with  curious thoughts  about the differences and similarities between the web form architecture and mvc  architecture.What are the advantages of one over another ?Which  pattern should I use in my upcoming project? By the end of this article, you should find yourself in a better situation,if not […]

ASP.NET MVC Framework Overview

  The asp.net MVC (model-view-controller) is an architectural pattern that has been around for quite a while now .Since the first CTP was  out in December 2007 , it has evolved  through MVC 1.0, MVC 2.0 MVC 3.0 and now MVC 4.0. It provides an alternative to the asp.net Web Forms pattern for creating web […]

Get Browser name from User agent String

Earlier this week, I was working on a task requiring me to get  the browser  name visitors used to browse the website.A quick Google search gave me  hundreds of results most of which referring to ASP.Net’s request Object .This request object  contains  a property  browser  that returns an object of type HttpBrowserCapabilities.This object contains properties  […]